Scenic Turbo Diesels - BobbyG
I previously owned a Scenic RT Dti, turbo diesel and it was great, averaged about 45mpg as well as it being very quick off the mark, especially thru the gears.

I recently changed to a Scenic dci, supposedly the new common rail diesel is more economic and powerful but I find I am now getting 41-42mpg, and find it totally gutless.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Scenic Turbo Diesels - Morris Ox
Is the dci a new one (i.e. low miles)? If it is, you'll probably find the figure will start to creep up again with a few thou under its belt.

Scenic Turbo Diesels - BobbyG
No, its now got 15,000 miles
Scenic Turbo Diesels - puntoo
I have a new DCI with 3000 odd miles on the clock. When I am driving I can get about 45-50 mpg (according to the trip computer) but when SWMBO drives it goes down to 40 mpg.

I know that the old TDI has better fuel economy, but I can only compare my scenic to the previous petrol version that I had that always returned less than 30 mpg.


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