Review: Vauxhall Sintra (1997 – 1999)


Large MPV with two sliding rear side doors. Strong V6. The 2.2 diesel makes more sense, despite a lack of lowdown pull.

Sub-standard trim, unattractive looks and so rare that parts are special order and non-returnable.

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3 June 2003

Power steering gear lower bearing may separate causing intermittent increased steering effort when turning. Check lower bearing in install new bearing or power steering gear where necessary. Read more

1 August 1997 Chevrolet-based Sintra launched in the UK

Vauxhall's large MPV, actually a rebadged Chevrolet MPV imported from the USA. 4,670mm (15' 4") long x 2,177mm (7' 2") wide (including mirrors). Previa-sized, with advantage of two sliding rear side... Read more

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Side rule

Advice please. My daughter’s car was hit side on by an old lady driver who admitted total liability (she said she never saw her car coming). An insurance guy came to see my daughter’s car, an S reg Vauxhall Sintra, damage to front passenger door, rear sliding door and rear panel. They want to write it off. But as she has 5 kids it is ideal for her and she just wants it repaired. Where does she stand legally? Are they legally bound to repair the car, or not?
Depends on the relative costs. If it's ridiculous, say £2,500 to repair a car worth £1,000, then her case falls apart. But if it's "reasonable", say £1,500 to repair a £1,500 car, or even a marginal £1,500 to repair a £1,000 car, then she could try suing the other driver using the small claims track of the county court. Inform her, her insurer and your insurer that is what you intend to do before you start, and they may settle out of court.
Answered by Honest John
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