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I have a jaguar XK (1995 model) with 80,000 miles in the clock. It runs like new, but my local garage says the bulkhead is rusting. How can I fix this...
I am looking to buy a premium SUV. I've narrowed my search to the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC or the Jaguar F Pace. Which is the best buy in your opinion?
I am currently driving a Volkswagen Phaeton from 2006 and feel like it is time to upgrade it. I do love the Phaeton but it is getting a bit old now and...
I have just bought a 2007 Jaguar S-Type diesel and noticed a burbling sound from the cooling system. It usually lasts a couple of minutes then stops. The...
I wondered if you could point me in the right direction regarding my Jag. After 2 1/2 years of happy ownership, last June I took my car to have the air...
I took delivery of my Jaguar XE 2.0 petrol automatic six months ago. However, it has developed a noise in the transmission somewhere (as well as other...
I am looking to upgrade from my diesel Ford Mondeo and a 2012 BMW 5 Series or 2011 Jaguar XF are favourites. I want a refined, comfortable cruiser, with...
I want to respray my silver Jaguar S-Type. What would be a realistic price and what would you specify as essential to do a good job?
I am very fortunate that I am in the position of being able to buy either an Aston Martin Vantage 4.7 V8 from around 2009 or a Jaguar F-Type 5.0 V8 2013...
I have just bought a 62/Dec 2012 Jaguar XF Portfolio, which was sold to me as one previous owner, but it's actually two previous owners. I wouldn't have...
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