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Most recently answered Jaguar questions
We have a Skoda Superb Elegance TDI 170 DSG which has been a very good car. We are thinking of changing to the new model but for about the same money we...
My brother is an ex-company chairman and is used to driving large luxury models such as Mercedes-Benz S-CClass 500, BMW 7 Series and currently a Jaguar...
My next door neighbour has a Jaguar S-Type which hasn't moved in 18 months. Would you consider this to be a future classic? It has done 53000 mls with...
I put my order for an XE last year in November 2014, I was promised June 2015 delivery date. The salesman told me last night it SHOULD be here in July...
I bought this as a used Jag Management car in 2014, it is a 2013 model so still under warranty, has done 26000 miles FSH. I had a problem with the Media...
My Jaguar X-Type 2004 was jerking and wouldn't rev past 3000rpm and now it won't start. It even won't supply power to the spark plugs.
I have seen adverts indicating that the Jaguar X-Type is fitted with a BMW diesel engine. Is this correct? If so, which models would feature them?
My 2004 Jaguar S-Type has had a diagnostic test, which has resulted in a list of problems. It all started with a loss of power when driving up hill. I've...
I have a stuck rear door which I cannot open Have you come across this before?
I was wondering whether you had any information on the upcoming Jaguar XJ. I believe a new model is expect in October 2015. Is this a model facelift or...
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