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No matter what sort of car you're after it's possible to buy something quite exceptional for about the...
Mark tests the only good-looking car SsangYong has ever made. Is it just a pretty face?
This time, Mark takes a look at the Skoda Fabia - is it the Polo for the poor man, or for the thinking...

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I am looking for a used two-door pick up. What do you recommend?
I own a Land Rover Discovery 3. Recently the gearbox has got really noisy. The noise is loudest 40-50mph and sounds like I am driving over rumble strips....
I have a 2004 Ford Mondeo automatic that has developed at misfire at idle and low speeds. My local garage has put in plugs and leads, but the misfire remains....
I am trying to find Lowe Front bumper ends for my Cadillac Fleetwood 60. Any idea where I can find some?
My son is looking to purchase a used Honda Civic Type R. His budget is about £5000; he is looking at 55 plate model with 50-70k on the clock. What are...

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From Mario Kart to Gran Turismo, here are video games that have given us countless hours of pure racing...
We’ve selected 20 of the best PCP deals on SUVs that have caught our attention.
How affordable is running a new car? Well it could be cheaper than you think on a PCP deal.
Want to keep your company car tax low without too much compromise on performance? Here are ten great...

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Ask Honest John

CJ asks... ‘ I am looking for a used two-door pick up. What do you recommend?  ’ Read more

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