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Most recently answered Jaguar questions
I own a 1998 Jaguar XK8, with loads of electrical faults. The traction control warning light is on, there's a gearbox fault, causing limp home mode, headlamp...
My 2006 Jaguar XJ diesel is starting to give me problems. The car has covered 109,000 miles and rather than paying for repairs I would rather change the...
I am looking to replace my 2002 Jaguar XK8, which I've taken from 60,000 to 150,000 miles in the last six years. The car still drives nicely, but is getting...
I own a Jaguar S-Type and I can't get the key into the ignition or the driver's door. I have tried the spare key, but that also refuses to fit either barrel....
My Jaguar X-Type has done 90k miles with few problems, but over the last six months it inexplicably goes into "Safety Mode". To solve the problem I usually...
I get a whooshing noise from the engine of my Jaguar X-Type diesel when I accelerate. I took the car to a garage, but they can't find out what the problem...
I have just bought a new Jaguar XF 3.0D (lovely car) on 17-inch wheels using your rule of thumb that the smaller the wheel the better the ride. I am concerned...
I'm thinking of changing my 2008 BMW 520D for a 2006-ish jag XJ 2.7 litre diesel. Other than body corrosion issues do you know of any specific issues/problems...
Is buying a Jaguar S-Type R a terrible idea? I've found one for sale and am extremely tempted.
I need to have isofixings installed in my 2008 Jaguar X-type estate in order to take my grandchildren's current and future car seats, in accordance with...


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