VIDEO: Volkswagen e-Golf - electric car nirvana

Published 18 August 2017

Electric cars will shortly be the law...well, not that shortly, and not necessarily either - science still has 20-odd years to discover some amazing new clean power source. 

For now though, electric cars are rapidly charging into the mainstream and it's because of stuff like this, the latest e-Golf. New and improved for the 2018 model year, it's now got a realistic 120-mile battery range, but is in every other way just like any other Golf. 

Hit play above to get Mark's take on it. 


G Richardson    on 20 August 2017

Sound.s like a good car, but when ever a electric car is profiled it never give's information of distance it can cover with heated seat's on in winter, light's on fully loaded.
Basic worst case senerio in traffic at night freezing cold, 100 mile's to do then there is a 50 mile diversion' whoop's battery going flat where nearest charge point this time of night will I get there!.
Being I am human and did know about diversion and ther was no information available prior trip.
Electric car only good for local run around where you know you can get a charge and not get caught out to much.
I will be happear with electric car's when I can do 200 mile on a charge with a 100 mile reserve, knowing every garage has a charging point.
In town right now electric car's great,but to expensive a payout for most of us.
Information on how expensive a new battery cost's on replacement if car is kept longer than few year's,should battery degrade over time should be an available estimate.

jobbo231048    on 21 August 2017

How long will the waiting line be for the ONE charging point at garages?
Maybe you will need a tent and a means of cooking a meal while you are sat pulling you hair out!

C.wardrop    on 21 August 2017

Not a hope for all-electric cars, pending decent range, charging access, batteries safe in a collision and, then, safe access for rescuers as well as for human "contents," which are all lacking now. Moreover, the alleged climate hazards and health hazards of internal combustion engined-cars are, now of little or no adverse consequence.

A very premature and as yet entirely inappropriate decision.

Brian Kain    on 22 August 2017

Does this guy really drive holding his mobile phone and expect us to take notice of him?

GlassHalfHull    on 19 September 2017

Mark's videos are excellent. One day soon the BBC will be poaching him for whatever replaces Top Gear. Cars should be fun, and if the manufacturers can't inject it, at least Mark does his bit. A must watch, whatever he's reviewing.

Captain-Cretin    on 22 September 2017

I foresee a future where motorways have induction charging lanes, and your electric vehicle is powered by that, with the battery kept topped up until you leave the motorway and go into an urban area.

Perhaps the government and car makers should start thinking about that right now, and plan to get it fitted to the inside lane at the very least.

This will remove the range anxiety for 90% of the population.

This would also allow for eHGVs and coachs to replace diesel, as it is well known that THEY produce far more pollution that all the other road users put together.

Charlie Graham    on 31 January 2019

Why does science still have to wait 20 years to discover some amazing new power source? Has this bloke not been outside on a windy day, not seen the rise and fall of the tides or ever londered the power of falling water? Has this is a sad person, promoted by VW to sell their car, that does not feel the energy from sunshine's heat and light, or does it reflect on VW's view of the world.
Still using plastic when we all now know of its disasterous environmental consequences, come on VW! get sustainable and lead for a better vehicle.

MacGrumpy    on 15 March 2019

Trying to be environmentally friendly we use electric bikes for short journeys but sometimes need to transport them to other cities when visiting friends or on holidays. Two electric bikes are too heavy for a strap on carrier and we are too old to lift them onto a roof rack. We have to transport them on a tow bar mounted carrier. BUT and it is a big BUT very few (if any) affordable E cars are able to be fitted with a tow bar. So for us electric cars are a no go area for the foreseeable future.

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