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vw passat 2006 diesel - Ignition switch - Dissapointed

I wonder if anybody has encountered my problem and can offer advice. My passat recently developed a problem, when I started the engine it died almost immediatly. This would occur maybe 2--- to 6 times then would run no bother. When it occured the one indicator was that the glow plug? pre-heater? symbol would show on the dash. I left it into a garage and they put it on diagnostics and that indicated the ignition switch was faulty, what puzzled me was that the glow plug was the constant indicator. Has anybody encountered this problem and if I do replace the ignition switch does that solve my problem. I bought new in 2006 --- 60,000 on clock.

vw passat 2006 diesel - Ignition switch - dieselnut

Sounds like you have the model where the key fob is inserted into the dash & there is no actual key. The steering lock then has to be actuated by an electric motor driven pin, mouinted on the steering column. So you now have a relatively compliated system replacing a tried & tested key & steering lock, brilliant.

If you follow the link below to a thread on VWAUDI Forum there are instructions on how to make a DIY repair.


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