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Peugeot 307 - front fog light not working - olivier74

I recently had my front fog light that stopped working on my 307 HDi 110bhp 2003. Both lights went at the same time so I thought I would have to change both bulbs which I tend to do for the H7 bulbs anyway. I replaced the bulbs but still not working. On inspection, the bulbs looked fine.

I tried to change/inspect the fuse (F6 15A) and replaced it by a new one but no luck!

Looking at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual, the earthing (E4) is common to other functions that still work, so I rules that out.

The car has now 172k miles, so not exactly new...could it be a faulty com 2000? The rear fog lights still work though.

Peugeot 307 - front fog light not working - elekie&a/c doctor

When the front fogs are switched on,does the green warning light the the dash illuminate?If it does,then this would indicate that the comms 2000 is probably ok.hth

Peugeot 307 - front fog light not working - olivier74

The green light does appear on the dashboard so at least it won't be the comms 2000, about £100 on ebay but not sure about changing it, disconnecting airbag...

I have not tried to use a multimeter but I would not expect any current coming through...I might take it to a local mechanic, he doesn't charge for a diagnostic as soon as you go through the door!


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