Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - alka

Recently - shortly after having the alternator replaced (Genuine Ford part, diagnosed and fitted by Ford dealer) the glowplug light started flashing, and once started it continues until the engine has been switched off and restarted. When it happens there is a loss of power.

I have looked at various forums on line, and while it seems like a common problem, there doesn't seem to be any consensus on the most likely cause. I get the impression that I would spend £60 or so on diagnostic tests that will not get to the root cause.

Can any of the Ford/ diesel experts out there tell me from experience whether there is a "most likely" cause and cure so I can point my Ford garage in that direction (I am no mechanic, please no DIY suggestions will not help, I'm afraid).

Thanks in advance for your help


Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - daveyjp

Bunged up EGR valve, or split in rubber hose connected to it would be my first port of call.

A diagnostic would pick this up immediately, but any competent garage could remove the EGR and check it all in half an hour.

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - Collos25

If you try all the simple things such as EGR,Maf etc and it still does it then look at the turbo actuator a very common fault on Ford and Jaguar diesels and can also be very expensive.

Google it on this site there are pages about it.

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - alka

Thanks for suggestion. I have since discovered the Dashboard Diagnostics trick, which comes up with "DCT/ None". Does that eliminate the EGR possibility? Does it eliminate any of the others (turbo actuator, maf sensor, injectors....???) I can't DIY so if I go to a Ford specialist, I'd like to have as clear an idea as possible of what to ask them to do. Thanks in advance for your continuing help.

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Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - daveyjp
The dashboard system won't diagnose faults. It needs an OBD reader which is what a garage will use.

It took a mobile jag technician 30 secs to find the fault on my x type. You could join the AA and call them out for a free diagnostic!
Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - Carse

The Dashboard Diagnostics do list any logged DTC fault codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The problem is some of the faults do NOT reliably raise DTC's, If your vehicle goes into Limp Home Mode (vehicle will not readily rev above 2,500 RPM when the light is flashing it is probably a EGR sticking issue which is very, very common.

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - alka
It's hard knowing what to believe - some tell me Dash Diagnostics will show any logged DTC faults, others say only "Dealer Diagnostics" or other sophisticated equipment will show DTCs that the dashboard won't. Is it all folklore and vested interests, or does anyone have a definitive answer on this one?

The message from Ca*** certainly describes my symptoms. Would a sticking EGR be repairable, or would it be more likely to need replacing?

Incidentally, after a week of virtually constant GlowPlug flashing and power loss (even after stopping and restarting) I have now had several (short) journeys with the car running perfectly! Any comments? EGR valve freed itself? Something reprogrammed/ reset itself?

If nothing else, this experience is telling me that next time I should go for a petrol engine!
Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - heldel

hi we have owned our mondeo diesel since last april and is a fantastic car but we were driving to wales the other day and i was over taking in the fast lane and i totally lost power and the glow plug light started flashing i pulled over and dipped the clutch and the engine cut out when dipping the clutch but it started straight up again .but we have no idea what it is it has done it to me since but will always start straight up agin no problem does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong thanks helen-derek

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - steve rance

My 2004 Modeo also gave me problems when accelerating hard, the glow plug light would start flashing and then the car would go into limp mode. This got worse over the months and the light would start flashing every time I started the car from cold, after about half a mile of running I could turn the engine off and back on and the light would clear and car would then run ok. I took it to a garage to have the fault codes read and they told me I needed a new turbo complete with actuator, £1100.00 plus fitting. So I decide that the car was not worth spending that kind of lolly on. Took the actuator apart and checked all the wiring connections and tested the if motor ran with a 6v battery, all ok. I then tried to move the actuator arm back and forth while disconnected from the actuator and found it to be sticking quite a bit. So I then sprayed some Duck oil onto the end of the arm where it is attached to the turbo and worked it back and forth for a few minutes adding a few more sprays of oil until it freed off. Connected it back up to the actuator and tried the car out. Problem solved. Been running the car for the past few days now with no problems at all. Try this out first before wasting money on what could be very expensive repairs.


Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - Collos25

Good advice for Ford/Jaguar users the heat bakes the actuator and it starts to stick if you leave it to long it ruins it.

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - tommondeoman

I know its some time since this fault reported here, but I had the flashing warning annunciator on my 2.0l TDCi deisel, checked that the acctuator was free on the TurboCharger unit as others have stated, also cleaned out the EGR valve (which is quite easy to do, just remove all the built up crud and give a good clean with inlet cleaaner spray or methylated spirits), also ensured that there was no leaks on the atached rubber hose to the EGR assembly.

With this fault the car will probably run when warmed up although in reduced power 3500 rpm max! Also the engine warning light will be on. My car would struggle to start from cold so this indicated possible faulty glow plugs (these are accesible from the front of the engine bay, but you have to remove the inlet manifold cover to change them). First check that there is 12volt on the common rail to them with a voltmeter with the key turned to ignition.

These plugs can be checked easily when removed you will literally see them glow white hot with 12v on the connector and the metal sheeth grounded to the engine block of the car. If they dont glow then they are goosed. I changed the lot for 30 bucks and now my engine starts first time and the fault is cleared. While you have the inlet manifold cover off though might as well clean all the crud out. PS your turbo unit supplies compressed air via the EGR valve to the inlets so this must all be cleaned to ensure you get power and smooth running. Also ensure you have a clean air-intake filter and MAF sensor is also located there.

You could possible also have injector or fuel pump faults, the FordWiki explains how to check these other items:

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0L 56 plate - Flashing Glow-plug lamp - howy868

My 56 plate ST TDCi has just started to flash the glowplug light and go into limp, usually shortly after a cold morning start. But in my case it continues to run very well even in limp mode and never cuts out or falters. Also, I'm sure it's not my imagination, but after resstarting to clear, it definitely run better and smoother than it ever did before! Fuel economy has also improved considerably recently - Does this give any clearer clues to the fault - particularly can an engine actually run better with a jammed EGR? Any guidance welcome....


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