2004 diesel ford c-max - glow plug replacement - ripped off? pls help !! - rkh15900

Hi posting on behalf of my elderly father. 2 wks ago his car wouldn't start when he came out of the supermarket, drove there fine. called aa who sprayed it with quick start and advised he take it to main dealer to be checked over. this was on the friday. ford had the car over the weekend and rang him on monday to say it was a problem with the glow plug wiring, one of the glow plugs had broken and would cost over £400 to fix. if this was the case, could he have driven it to the garage with a broken plug? sounds like they broke it trying to get it off but of course i cannot prove this! had to pay ford £250 for the diagnotic. gets worse ..... dad decided to ring halfords autocentre for a 2nd opinion and they said they could do it cheaper and would pick his car up and fix it. week 3, they have today rang to say the plugs have been changed at a cost of £800 but still the car won't start. halfords are now ordering a part for the exhaust (!) to try on monday at an additional cost of £100. Bill now over £1000 .....i am worried how far they are going with this. i know nothing about cars and my dad even less so would really appreciate some help and advice. hate to think he's being taken for a ride. many thanks !

2004 diesel ford c-max - glow plug replacement - ripped off? pls help !! - unthrottled

Glowplugs are not generally required for cold starting in ambient temperatures above about 10C.

Assuming your father left the car in the supermarket for only an hour or two, it must have been warm when he tried to restart it-so no glow plug cycle would be required.

Once started the car will be perfectly driveable with a failed glow plug although a bit clattery and possibly smokey until the engine starts to warm up.

It is very difficult to see how an exhaust component could stop an engine from starting. There are a variety of reasons why a diesel engine would fail to start, ranging from a failed crank sensor (cheap) to a failed high pressure fuel pump (expensive). It does sound like a bunch of incompetents are drying diagnosis by substitution.


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