internet or dealer pro's and cons. - Ashley
My brother wants to change his '99V Polo Gl Tdi (90) saloon for a Polo 1.4 Tdi SE hatch. He's found new Polo's on the internet for around £9,700 which means he can buy new for a grand less than a used one at a dealer. So, i suggested he sell his saloon privately and buy a new Polo on the 'net for cash. His answer was ' I'd rather buy one from a dealer so if anything goes wrong i can take it back '. Am i correct in thinking that you get the VW warranty whether you buy from a dealer or not ?

Has anyone bought a new VW off the 'net and had any problems with obtaining a manufacturers warranty ? Or can you just turn up at a dealer and register the car with them and get the warranty then and there ?


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If the car is not UK-supplied the warranty will be a standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty - a dealer-supplied VW will come with a 3 year/60000 mile warranty and breakdown cover for the first 12 months. However, the car would still need to be registered on VW's UK database via a dealer. A top-up warranty will cost around £450 from VW(UK).

I'd work out the exact cost of the internet deal - what does it include, what doesn't it include. And then I'd do the same with the dealer-supplied car. It's always worth going back to the dealer to see if they'll match the equivalent internet price.

An example is the Ka I'm buying. It is £6200 from Trade-sales compared to the retail price of £8060. However, the Trade-sales price didn't include tax, extended warranty, insurance (£600 for me), 0% finance, and I'd have been the second registered keeper. I paid £7325 as I also bought a cd player and the value of the insurance, finance, warranty, and tax came to around £1400. In effect, I would have paid more for an internet-sourced Ka - comparing like with like.

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Re: internet or dealer pro's and cons. - Ashley
Cheers Neil,

It was trade-sales that i found the cheaper cars ! My brother's in no rush to change so i'll print off your advice and let him do the sums.



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