Ford Galaxy - Air con recharge issue - michelle el

I have a Ford Galaxy, 2000 V reg, 2.3 zetec.

I recently had a breakdown recovery van take my car to its garages due to a problem with the Compressor. This was replaced and the air con was re-charged. Since then I have heard a hissing (similar to an aerosol) sound from the passenger footwell. After several attempts the garage had a look at it today and I was told that the Air con unit had, probably, a split bung that was drawing in air. This, I was told, had nothing to do with the recent work as it was on the other side of the car. This issue was not there before the air con was re-charged. I have been told it 'one of those things' and that the solution would be to take the dashboard out and replacing the air con unit. I'm not convinced....

I believe the air con gas has been over filled and its that that is causing the problem and possibly more damage. I'm also worried that if this is gas that is escaping then my children are at risk through being in the car.

Can anyone give me any advice?

Ford Galaxy - Air con recharge issue - elekie&a/c doctor

A hissing noise in an a/c system is often caused by insufficient gas in the system or the system was not totally vacuumed before charging and thus there is air in system.Does this car have rear a/c?(vents in the roof lining just behind front seats).hth

Ford Galaxy - Air con recharge issue - injection doc

One possibility is that the control valve is becoming partially blocked. Compressors are notorious for failing on these models and when replacing all the pipe work & valves should be removed & flushed before reasembly. failing to do this will often cause premature failure of the compressor.These system need big vacum & have to be partially regassed the run for 2 mins before final fill with gas. This is due to the height of the system and the small seperator thats fitted that can cause the system to flood if its not filled to the correct procedure. The next step would be to have the pressure read whilst running and that should indicate if there is a problem. On some vehicles when a system is turned off you will hear a slight gassing for a few moments as the pressure drops on the high side as the gas flows through the control valve. It wont be a leak, because if it was that big that you could hear it within an hour or two all the gas would be gone, plus you can smell air con gas.

Ford Galaxy - Air con recharge issue - michelle el

There are def no air vents in the roof behind the front seats. This must be linked to the work they carried out?


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