inurance company - paulrussell

our insurance company wants to charge us £40 for selling our car 10 months into prepaid annual premium. I did not want or expect a refund but hte buyer would want to insure it so i cancelled on the day i sold it/ apart from making money why do they do this they have had 2 months premiums without the need to insure us.the company is Hastings Direct do others do this or just them?

inurance company - Dwight Van Driver

Its all in the small print mate.......


inurance company - Vitesse6

It may be in the small print, but it does seem to be a high charge for effectively doing nothing, as stated, they have got your money for the next 2 months already.

Another example of how we get ripped off in this country.

inurance company - Simon

You should have just let the policy lapse on its own rather than cancel it, it wouldn't have cost you anything extra then. The person who bought it could still have insured it themselves even if your policy was still in force, it wouldn't have mattered.

inurance company - paulrussell

thx will do next time. such a pleasure managed by insetr your own thought here

inurance company - paulrussell

i know and despite being ripped off you have the joy of knowing you have not nice

inurance company - paulrussell

still no rhyme or reason 2 it tho

inurance company - Problem_Polo :-/

Just tell 'em to stuff it! Highly unlikely they'd waste their time taking any action over 40 quid I would think, and I doubt they'd find much sympathy from a court as they're already making 2 months clear profit out of you.


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