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I have a Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.6 Y reg (2001).

When the engine is started from cold and the air circulation / blowers or air con (it happens the same for both) is on cold and stays there, there is no problem with the temperature in the car.

However, if the engine is already warm, or the temperature is turned up for longer than a few minutes, the air that comes into the car is piping hot and will not get any cooler. This remains a problem if you turn them off as there is still some air coming into the car.

When I bought the car (4 years ago) this was an intermittent problem. I had several people look at it but the fault was not located. However, it now occurs all the time (added to which I am trying to sell the car).

Has anyone else had this problem? If it was just happening with the air conditioning I would assume it was due to maintenance (or lack thereof) of the system.

Ford Fiesta Saloon - Ford Fiesta (2001) - air temp uncontrollable - Collos25

I assume the car runs ok ,then it looks like one of the heater valves is playing up which one and where it is located I wouldn't know

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The Fiesta's heater control valve is notoriously unreliable. I've changed it twice on my wife's Mk 4 model. It's pulse-driven from the controller so I'm not sure how to test it, but in your case it may just be sticking rather than failed completely.

It sits at the top middle of the engine-bay bulkhead and is easily accessible. Fitting a new one takes about 15 minutes, and as it's high up you don't lose much coolant - there's no real need to drain down.

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