02 2.0 HDI 110 Loss of Power - chris_h16
I have a Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 110 from 2002.
Problems i have are loss of power in the lower end of the revs. When the car works its excellent 2nd gear and turbo :D but when not 2nd gear or all gears to be honest sometimes just won't push the car along foot right to the floor even. If i keep going until 3000rpm then the turbo kicks in and woosh lol sometimes this fixes it and the rest of the gears are fine or sometimes if i change to next gear it kind of pulls the car speed down. I've had a couple of times on the motorway at 70mph the car suddenly just lost power to an extent that i couldn't get past 65-70mph, then after a few minutes it picks up again. I have had the car since January 2009 and after a couple of months i started getting the dreaded diesel filter/anitpollution errors. I had the errors reset but obviously they have come back, but aren't always there. Someone i know is going to put it on their laptop diag software and get me the error codes.
Can anyone shead some light on possible problems?

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02 2.0 HDI 110 Loss of Power - glowplug
Until you have the codes it's hard to be sure but I would take a look at the vacuum solenoids to start with.



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