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02 1.1 Keeps cutting out, no power - chris.speakman
Hi all,

My partner has a problem with her car, infact I drove it to the garage this morning cos she didn't trust herself incase it broke down.

Once the engine is on, you have to keep accelatating otherwise the car stalls. There's hardly any power in the car when driving, had to drive in 2nd gear at 35mph otherwise if you put it in a higher gear, there just wasn't enough power and the car would stall again.

If at traffic lights or in traffic, you constantly need to keep revving again otherwise it stalls. Had it in a local garage and they honestly don't know what's wrong with it and can't diagnose it and advised us to take it to another garage to run diagnostics on it.

Anyone any clues to what this could be and how much are we looking at?

It's a Fiat Punto, 52 plate, manual 1.1.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.


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52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - bell boy
thankfully first garage didnt charge did they??????? ,what did they do suck in their teeth and scratch their heads?
basic checks would include
compression test
checking for a spark (intermittent or only 2 plugs working pointing to a coil down)
checking that fuel is getting through
a code read
a vacuum test
a snuff test
any garage should be competant to do all or most of these
please never darken their hopeless ass doors again
52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - bell boy
just been offered another one
blocked exhaust......
52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - chris.speakman
No they didn't charge, even though they had it all day!!!

They reccommended us to this garage though who do these diagnostics checks so see what comes of it tomorrow. So it could be more than a few things then?

Clueless when it comes to cars, they're brilliant when they work, not so when they don't!

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52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - elekie&a/c doctor
I would hazard a guess that it is only running on 2 cylinders (out of 4 ).Ususally caused by a faulty engine control unit.A very common problem on this model.hth
52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - Another John H
I would hope your '52 Punto is at least a 1.2

Not that it would make much difference as the engines are virtually identical.

BellBoy's suggestions are on the money (presumably the first garage would have noticed if it was only running on two cylinders).

Also, Puntos drive a bit awkwardly when the timing is a tooth out.
52 1100 Keeps cutting out, no power - Big John
My punto had a similar problem a couple of years ago. It was the coil pack - Mine was a twin wasted spark one i.e. two coils firing four cylinders. If one half fails you drop to two cylinders - does it sound like a 2cv when you rev it?

By total coincidence the same thing happened on my 1.4 Octavia last week - also coil pack.

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02 1.1 Keeps cutting out, no power - zoes punto

hi sorry t just join in conversation i have a punto an it keeps just cuttin out totally dont no wats wrong with it is this wat was happening to urs ?? wat was it that was wrong ?? zoe


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