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04 1.9 GT T loss of power - forest ranger
I have been experiencing a problem with my Golf mk.IV 1.9 GT TDI (130bhp)
whereby if I accelerate pretty quickly and get to, say 3k RPM the power is cut right down
and you have almost no power- it gets me home but the response to the pedal is very slow.
It also has a warning message 'Emmisions Workshop'
this has happened 3 or four times now and I have taken it to VW dealers the next day when no message is displayed and they keep saying bring it back when the message is there!!
I bought the car because I wanted a bit of 'whumph' but when I 'whumph' it I may as well have a 1.4L.
Any ideas what this is and much to put right?
Thanks guys!
04 1.9 GT T loss of power - Peter D
Did they read the error codes it would have been logged. Regards Peter
04 1.9 GT T loss of power - forest ranger
They granted me all of 2 seconds..and asked me to come back when the display showed same reading Peter!
Should I be worried about this mate?
04 1.9 GT T loss of power - SuperBuyer
I had the Emissions Workshop once on my Golf, and when I looked into it some of the options included the boost hose being cracked, and I think the MAF will sometimes throw up the same code.

Best advice is to find a good independent with the right diagnostics equipment. I can recommend a good garage in Coventry if thats anywhere near you!

These are cracking cars when they are fully working, and I do miss my 150bhp.... :-(
The 150bhp Vectra Estate doesn't really compare speedwise.
04 1.9 GT T loss of power - forest ranger
Thank you SuperBuyer..
I will have to do that-
I'm in Stoke though mate..but thanks.
04 1.9 GT T loss of power - craig-pd130

Does it drive normally until you accelerate hard past 3K, then go into "limp home" mode?

Is the power restored when you switch off, leave it for an hour then restart?

Or is it flat and powerless all the time?

If it drives normally but goes into limp-home mode when you work it hard, the turbo is overboosting and the ECU is protecting the motor. It's most likely to overboost because 1) the solenoid valve (called the N75 valve) that controls the variable-vane mechanism on the turbo is faulty, or 2) the turbo vanes are sticking because of soot build up. I suspect it is one of these two causing the problem.

It is possible to spray & soak the VNT actuator linkage with WD40 (this can stick too) and then drive the car to exercise it, which helps free it off. The N75 valve can simply be replaced.

If it's flat and powerless all the time, then it could a vacuum leak somewhere in the small hoses that control the VNT. Or maybe a split intercooler / inlet hose. You're likely to hear the hissing if it's a split intercooler / inlet hose.

Good luck

04 1.9 GT T loss of power - mark
I would recommend Midland VW at Cannock if you want to take it somewhere.

They are a very good independent VW workshop and they are near Stoke.

As always


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