05 1.7 Will not start - waqqas27
Hi everyone, this is my first post and i hope someone will help, i have an astra 05 reg 1.7 cdti. the problem is that this car was running spot on before i parked it up last week and it never started again. on the fuel filter are two pipes one saying in and the other one out. when you turn the ignition on is there suposed to be diesel coming out of these pipes? because it doesnt. can anyone help.

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05 1.7 Will not start - topbloke
no, no fuel will come out of these pipes, the pump suck's the fuel through, are all the lights working on the dash , any ones on that you have not seen before, have you tried another/spare key, do's the car crank over but not start, or not crank at all, is there enough fuel in the tank (these are known to collapse the fuel tank, remove the filler cap and listen for a sucking noise) that's enough questions to be getting on with, post back some answers and i am sure someone like me will help just need as much info as possible

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