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02 2.6 exhaust smoke when in kickdown - geegee
I recently topped the engine oil in my car (MB.E240--2.6V6) with a synthetic oil (Tesco Make). The following day After driving for about 3 miles as I was about to exit a junction I put my foot down to accelerate and out comes a big bellow of smoke. I immediately pulled over and drove the car back home after a come of times running the engine the smoking ceased. The car runs perfectly in Idle and normal running speed. I spoke to a mechanic friend who initially thought that I might have put too much oil. However on inspection he found that the levels was adequate. The problem only seem to occur when I put my foot down to accelerate hard; the engine warning light never comes up and I am not keep to take the car to Mercedes for an expensive diagnosis for something that might be a small problem. I have had the car from new and it has only got 44000 miles on the clock and had never given me problems. It has always been serviced at Mercedes. I would be happy to hear from anyone who had experienced similar problem. The car as I said runs perfectly okay and i continue to use it everyday to work but the problem only occurs when I put the foot down.
02 2.6 exhaust smoke when in kickdown - TimOrridge
I think the first question for us is, what colour is the smoke? It tells more than you think
02 2.6 exhaust smoke when in kickdown - Roger Jones
What colour is the smoke? I doubt that the top-up has anything to do with it. If you don't put your foot down habitually, try an Italian tune-up or two and see if it continues to happen.

Can't help you further personally, but if you need to go beyond the Back Room you may find these handy:



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02 2.6 exhaust smoke when in kickdown - Roger Jones
At www.dieselbob.co.uk/tips.shtml:


There are a number of running problems that indicate something is 'not quite right'.
BLUE SMOKE from exhaust - Causes: Engine is burning engine oil, injection timing is incorrectly set.
BLACK SMOKE from exhaust - Causes: Too much fuel is being delivered to the engine or the fuel that is being delivered is not correctly atomised, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system has failed or is incorrectly set of has become clogged with soot.
WHITE SMOKE from exhaust - Causes: If the ambient temperature is low, steam which is normal and usually clears, if the smoke never clears, water is entering the engine (cylinder head, head gasket, liner problem).
GREY SMOKE from exhaust - Causes: Injection timing is incorrectly set, fuel is not being atomised correctly, something other than diesel has been added to the fuel tank.
02 2.6 exhaust smoke when in kickdown - olddave
Mines an E 240 1999 reg with the 2.4 petrol engine. Started doing the same as yours last week with kick down/heavey acceleration. Had it looked at by a knowledgible chum who thinks it's to do with presure build up due to a blocked/clogged breather system. Not fixed yet, any luck with yours?


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