Car Insurance Quotes and the IAM? - The_Flexible_Flaw
Thinking I can drive, I took the IAM test about 18 years ago and been a member ever since.

Traditionally the only car insurance companies that seemed to acknowledge it, or give a discount were more expensive so there seemed little benefit.

More recently with the advent of price comparison websites which to ask for driving licence also have a facility to input 'IAM'.

Would saying you're an IAM refer to passing the test? Or being a member?

I am asking as I am really unimpressed with the increase in membership from £18 to £30 and I am thinking of not renewing.

So in future should I say yes to the IAM input box as I did pass their test? Or no as I won't be an IAM member when I renew?

Should I just tick yes as I've taken the RoSPA test and quite enjoy the 3 yearly retests?

Car Insurance Quotes and the IAM? - Cliff Pope
Surely to have any validity the test has to be renewed and membership kept up to date?
You could argue that road conditions have changed in 18 years, or perhaps errors have crept into someone's driving standards. There has to be monitoring or at least a final cut-off surely? Does a 90 year old with an IAM pass 50 years ago still get the discount?

Car Insurance Quotes and the IAM? - MichaelR
Saved me £50 on an insurance premium of about a grand.
Car Insurance Quotes and the IAM? - The_Flexible_Flaw
Thanks Michael. It's nice to get some hard data. My age, driving record and value of car means my premiums are far less.

I'll maintain my RoSPA membership that comes with 3 yearly retests, but the IAM subscription looks decidly bad value to me. Discounts with the AA and RAC? Well just fill up at Tescos and use the loyalty card points to pay for discounted AA cover.


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