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Hello all,

Hope someone can give me some advise.

My first insurance accident claim, shunted into the back of car in front on Friday 13th, no one injured thankfully .
The damage to my pick-up is front bumper, radiator, oil cooler, bonnet and various lights indicators etc. Insurance engineer is valueing repair costs in the region of £3700/4000 which seems high to me as it is mostly cosmetic damage apart from the radiators.
He is indicating that it is not economical to repair as the market value is £4000. I do not understand this low valuation as I cannot replace this vehicle with the same mileage for this but he insists that is all it is worth.
The pick-up is a LWB 2.5TD Double Cab Animal 4WD reg December 2000 with 60,690 miles.
Can anyone advise me if this value is realistic and if not, what action I can take and use against the insurance company.
I always thought that 'insurance' should put you in the same position before the loss, as I have said, this pick-up cannot be replaced at this price.
Thanks in anticipation of replies.

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Insurance write off valuation - defender
you could replace it for 4k with a similar truck ,look on auto trader or Brightwells auctions ,the money is just about right according to these sites
there is one for sale with 40k miles for £4750 surely you could get a bit of that if you waved cash at the seller
you could always take the money and buy it back and repair it with mostly second hand parts which would make it much cheaper to do

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