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1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap

My Almera has a whining noise when the engine is running which increases with engine speed, its there when idling and when Im driving. I just bought the car a week ago. Its not a high pitched whine, more like the noise you get on an electrically powered tube train or something similar. There doesnt appear to be any loss of performance and the car drives ok otherwise.

The garage I bought it from says its just the type of car but I dont believe that is the case!

There is also a smell, quite like the smell you get when its overheating or a burnt clutch that I seem to get now and again, quite strong at times.

Also, when the car is idling once the engine has warmed up there is a clattering noise from around the back of the engine, not so noticable outside the car but noticeable in the cabin.

What could be causing these issues? I have a full warrantly on the car.

Tags: technical issues unexplained noises unexplained smells engine problem

1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - bathtub tom
What happens to the noise when you press the clutch?
I've got one of these, and it's very quiet.
What's its mileage?
Has any work been known to been done?
They're liable to timing cam chain wear, apparently more so if the oil hasn't been regularly changed. Do you have a service record?
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
The whining noise stays the same, only drops when the revs drop, the clatter stays the same too when the clutch is pressed.

Its got 48000 miles on the clock, there are records of 3 out of the 5 years service and the oil was changed before I bought it, and the clutch was changed too.

1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - bathtub tom
If any of my cars start playing up, I always look at whatever job was done last!
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
When I test drove the car it was whining a bit, but the clutch was slipping so I thought it was the clutch that was making the noise (and the burnt clutch smell). However as the garage fitted a new clutch and the whine is still there Im a bit concerned. I was told that it may be the tension of the belts and maybe some pumps? Im not too clued up on mechanical things so its baffling me a bit!

1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - bathtub tom
Perhaps it's worth paying for an independant analysis. As you bought it from a garage, it's got a guarantee.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
Im taking it back to the garage tomorrow to get it sorted, I'll keep you all posted.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - Big John
Get the cam-chain & adjuster checked, these can clatter when worn (more at tickover) . When this gets bad you will also get a whine. If the chain fails, as well as damage within the cam cover you will also get a few bent valves etc... (same as cam belt failure)
The clatter could be much simpler (loose heat shield etc.) but combined with the whine its worth checking.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
Well its away to the garage now, so I should get it back tomorrow.

I worked out what the 'clatter' was, its something to do with the heater - I turned the heater switch to off and the clatter went away, so turned the swith back to 1 and it came back, however its not happening all the time so Im guess its a loose shield somewhere.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - bathtub tom
Any progress in the last week?
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
Managed to find this thread again!

Well, the outcome was as follows. After the sales manager of the garage initally saying there was nothing wrong with the car, the service manager agreed to have a look and straight away he said the cam belts/pulley needed replaced, this was done along with the water pump being replaced.

So the engine sounds nice and quiet now, still have the clatter but that is loose trim in the engine bay that I'll get round to tightening up. The garage did manage to wreck the power steering, twice!

Thanks for everyones help and comments


1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - Screwloose

A nice trick, changing the cam belt/pulleys - on a car with a timing chain??
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
The belts seem to power the power steering pump and water pump amongst other things. I know there is a timing chain on the engine as well.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - Screwloose

Ahh; that would be the fan belt.
1.5 2003 whining noise and clatter - flatcap
Finally sorted out the clatter from the engine bay, turned out not to be loose trim but the bonnet rest rubbers, adjusted them up the way and voila no clatter!


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