2003 TDi - gearchange problem - richie40
in november i asked about a gearbox problem and vibration on my passat.
the fantastic members who replied , exept the sarcastic gloaters !
were very helpfull and correct may i add, i replaced the dmf and clutch kit and the car is just totally different.
i. fitted an LUK kit which included flywheel and clutch. the kit cost including vat was £320
nowhere near the cost some of the scare mongers were talking about.
.i was told the dmf had probably failed prematurely because the car has been performance tuned,and was advised to fit an LUK kit because the shock absorbing bits are better quality than the original vw parts , then someone said LUK make the original bits , when i did the job , they look and ed totaly different side by side and i wondered
wether they would fit........they did and i,m so chuffed with the car.
A BIG thankyou to all bothered to write back
cheers guys

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passat tdi 2003 gearchange problem - 659FBE
Well done. The two suppliers of DMFs at this time were LUK and Sachs, so it looks as though you've had one of each.

The 1.9 litre PD diesel is a cracker. Look after it - you can't get an engine as good as this now from VAG.

passat tdi 2003 gearchange problem - drivewell
Valeo solution also worth a look, where DMF is replaced by solid flywheel, and a modified clutch plate, which provides some of the shock absorbing qualities originally provided by the DMF

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