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1998 1.9dt - Dead batteries on key fob - wolfmeister
I realise that this has been touched upon previously but thought i'd ask again as there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to the problem.

The batteries on the keyfob on on my 98 1.9 dt go flat after a week of replacing. As far as I know the keys are i/r. Did also take to an auto electrical place who couldnt find a fault. It does work until the batteries go flat.

I've had the problem for ages and have just used the keys normally as when i rang peugeot i was told need new key.

Is the key duff? I did read somewhere you can get a second hand key and reprogram using the spare key. Is this true?

ANy help would be appreciated, would be handy getting it working again.

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1998 1.9dt - Dead batteries on key fob - moulder
Its a common fault. Buy a new one on ebay (about £8). Its called a Plip !!

Then, turn ignition on to accessory position with another key.

Hold key to program near sensor (by rear view mirror)

Press Big Button

Press little button

Turn Ignition off

Wait 5 seconds

Hey presto!

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