He's Back......Our Jezza - David
Taken directly from the Beeb motoring web site, dont think anyone else has commented on this one yet, if so humble apologies to all....
5th April 2002

Jeremy Clarkson, the most opinionated man in motoring, is coming home to Top Gear, on BBC Two.

Clarkson has signed a two year deal that will see him once again presenting the leading motoring show that he helped to make so popular. In addition to his work on the new series, he will continue to write for BBC Worldwide's 'Top Gear' magazine. He will be contributing exclusive road tests, features, opinions and the column he has penned since the market-leading magazine was launched in 1993.

Commenting on his return to the series, Clarkson said: "The motorist is under attack from all sides, and this gives me the chance to fight back on behalf of all us petrol-heads."

The renewal of his contract will also see him working on other new programmes for the BBC.

Jeremy Clarkson will be giving motoring manufacturers more sleepless nights when Top Gear returns to our screens later this year.
Re: He's Back......Our Jezza - Tomo
Thank goodness for the "off" switch.
Re: He's Back......Our Jezza - Steve G
Good news.
Will be good to hear JC talking about cars on TV again.
Re: He's Back......Our Jezza - Paul
I'll look forward to that.

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