Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 CDTi - running temp - gbn
Hi All,

I have a Vauxhall CDTi engined car.

1. It takes around 10-15 miles to warm up.
It's my 3rd diesel and this is soooo long.
I was away over Xmas and rented a VW 1.9 TDi. This heated up like I expect a diesel should.

2. If I switch off for 30 mins, there appears to be very little heat retained and the temp gauge goes to the bottom.

3. The temp gauge show running around 80-85 C.
Of course, this is a guide not too accurate

It could be that the temp sensor is the "wrong side" of the thermostat, and I think the thermostat is electronically controlled

Is anyone else having similar experiences please?

Vauxhall CDTi - running temp - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have a 307 and I get useful heat after about 3 miles even when it is 0C. Perhaps your thermostat is stuck 'open'? That might explain a long warm up time and the fact that, eventually, it reaches a good temp.
Vauxhall CDTi - running temp - Hamsafar
Which CDTi? they are all evry different, some Fiat-sourced, some GM, some Isuzu.
Most modern diesels have some form of secondary heating, such as electrically heated coolant (as in the VW you hired)
Vauxhall CDTi - running temp - gbn
2005 Meriva 1.7 CDTi {most info now added to subject header - DD}

I don't have anymore information
Vauxhall CDTi - running temp - TheOilBurner
This sounds like exactly like both the Vauxhall diesels I've owned, one was the GM 2.0 DTI unit, the other a 1.9 CDTI GM/Fiat unit.

Both take ages before any heat comes out the vents, both take miles and miles before the temp gauge moves and both lost their heat very quickly.

However, both record excellent fuel economy figures so I never let it bother me too much.

I think the temp gauge is just set so it doesn't move until the thermostat is fully open, which I guess is just a Vauxhall thing as Ford diesels I've owed didn't act quite like this. All diesels seem quite slow to get warm IMO, it just seems slower when the gauge doesn't move for an entire journey less than 7 miles or so! :)

Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 CDTi - running temp - Micky
Temp gauge may be controlled by ECU, it might be possible to monitor "real" temp via diagnostics. Ford offer this facility but then Ford are far more advanced than GM ;-)

A crude test: how long does it take the heater to produce any warmth? My elderly Granadas would start warming the interior after a couple of hundred yards, I've driven a couple of French deeseails that don't produce any heat for several miles. The penalty of 50mpg vs 20 mpg.

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