New Micra knocking/clonking noise - Gizmo
When engaging 1st gear from cold and setting off I am getting a knocking/clocking noise(not very loud) fom my 8 month old MIcra.It does not make the noise in any other gear even when cold.
However after a couple of miles or when the engine is warmed up the noise disappears altogether.
I called into my local dealership to query the problem and ask if it was serious but only received the standard have not got a clue, you will have to book it in sir.
When questioned it the warranty covered it again a stock answer - it probably will
I have too concerns- it only makes the noise when cold,so if they check it straight away they probably will not hear it as the engine will still be warm and secondly they may try to con me and charge me.
Anybody any ideas as to what could be causing the noise and why it is only in 1st gear it makes it and then disappears when warm.
I would appreciate any quick replies as it is in this Friday 29/12/06.
New Micra knocking/clonking noise - LeePower
Cant you drop it of the night before so its cold first thing in the morning when they drive it?

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