Dodgy facelifts - barchettaman
And no, I don´t mean David Gest, Toyah, Anne Robinson et al.

Saw a newish Laguna the other day - a smart original design wrecked by a clumsy mid life facelift. Same goes for the previous model Punto, that was turned into a bland Korean lookalike instead of its funky original front. I suppose the previous Hyundai Coupe falls into the category of ´should have left well alone´, as it looked dreadful with that goggly front end.

Why do the ´designers´ do this? Who signs the designs off?
Anyone think of any other examples?
Dodgy facelifts - BB
The Toyota Avensis mk1 face-lift around 2000MY ruined a nice looking car imo. I have a 2002 one but the 1998-2000 ones look a lot better, especially in saloon form.
Dodgy facelifts - AlastairW
How about the Saab 9-5 with those awful Dame Edna style light surrounds?
Dodgy facelifts - lucklesspedestrian
I agree about the Saab, what were they thinking?

Also the Mk 4(?) Fiesta (the P reg ones with the first zetec engines). Nice looking wee cars then they gave them those stupid slightly 'focusy' headlights around about 2000.

Also, not really a facelift but they never bettered the Mk1 Capri!

and lets not get started on plastic bumpered MGBs!
Dodgy facelifts - Hamsafar
"How about the Saab 9-5 with those awful Dame Edna style light surrounds?"

I agree too, hideous beyond words!
Dodgy facelifts - Kingpin
Indeed. Original Punto 1999-2003 had brilliant styling, minimalist front end with ultra neat headlamps, still current then they slapped on big lamps, jacked up the ride height and stuck on some silly plastic reflectors to the rear hatch that do nothing - desperation.
Hyundai coupe is well known as dodgy mid life re-style but they recovered to provide the current Ferrari sytled variant.
Current Mondeo seems like the Laguna - mid life crisis by adding chrome in the wrong places and messing around with perfectly OK rear lights.
The Civic 3 door I remember gained some massive headlights a while ago which looked out of proportion.
Old shape Megane around 1999 went a bit horrible with a weird front end restyle.
Suspect the current Panda is going to get a facelift next year and from what I've seen it will lose some of it's character.
Dodgy facelifts - v0n
I think the new Punto looks much better than old one. It looks even better as Grande Punto.

Every time I see Renault dealerships I have a strange feeling the Megalomane (pardon me - Megane) badge was just randomly stuck to any car going out of production line. Over the last 6 years Meganes were in all kinds of shapes and sized, from fugly coupes, through Oprah bottoms to all kinds of hatches and estates with what looks like collapsed roof. Whatever is not called Megane is called Scenic. Oh, and there seems to be a separate crossbreed - a Megane Scenic as well.

Vectra just had most questionable facelift. New one looks like something Nissan would do in 1999.

[Nissan 2.2 dCi are NOT Renault engines. Grrr...]
Dodgy facelifts - lordy
The outgoing Honda CR-V. Makes the one look pretty.
let me be the last to let you down....
Dodgy facelifts - paulb {P}
Indeed. Original Punto 1999-2003 had brilliant styling, minimalist front end with
ultra neat headlamps, still current then they slapped on big lamps,
jacked up the ride height and stuck on some silly plastic
reflectors to the rear hatch that do nothing - desperation.

Agree with that. I had one of each sort (an '00 V-reg Sporting and some while later an '03 53-reg Dynamic) and another noticeable thing was how much worse the quality of the interior materials had got in the 3.5 or so years between them. The post-facelift grille was purely cosmetic, begging the question "what's the point?" Must say the later headlights (although unsightly) gave out rather better light, though.
Dodgy facelifts - Big Bad Dave
'Why do the ´designers´ do this? Who signs the designs off?'

It's not fair to just blame the "designer", I doubt the finished product is anything he'd be proud of. Between concept and production it will have aqcuired the grubby fingerprints of dreaded committees and medlers and accountants and engineers and then focus meetings with members of the public. I don't design cars but all disciplines of design are the same. The times I have had to change the colours on a brochure to match the chairman's wife's new kitchen. Then they get all uppity when you say you don't want your name to appear on it.
Dodgy facelifts - TheOilBurner
The trouble is, they have to "move forward", even if the existing design is perfect. It's mostly the fault of the bean counters demanding a fresh model to keep the punters interested.

Rarely has the design team enough nerve to say "no, we can't improve upon this without a whole new car to work on". Besides, they'd be doing themselves out of work too!! :0)
Dodgy facelifts - Blue {P}
Sometimes I think that they deliverately make the first incarnation of a new car a bit bland too allow for a facelift. Look at Focus MK1 for example, it started life with poor front indicator lenses stuck in the bumper, and nasty black plastic sills even on top spec models. Cue the facelift and hey presto! The car was left looking much nicer with body coloured sills, neater headlamps and more attractive trim levels. They did it with Mondeo MK2 too, around 2003 they really smartened it up, (although I agree they then ruined it again in 2006)

I think Ford are also taking this apprach with the Focus MK2, we noticed when it was launched that it had some questionable trim levels, and black plastic where it should really be body colured, the same also goes for the new Volvo S40. Just wait until the facelifts and you will probably find most of the black plastic disappears and is replaced with lovely looking body colouring that really should have been there t begin with, they'll also maybe stick in a little chrome here and there and bingo, a model that has been "refreshed" on the cheap.

Dodgy facelifts - Shaz {p}
Saw pictures of the new mini compared to the first new one - side by side - new lamps front end just does not look right - blamed mostly on need to design in pedestrian crash protection changes.
Dodgy facelifts - DP
The entire MG Rover range in the final years. I know the budget was tight, but when you're sticking on chrome left right and centre, altering the shape of the headlights, and changing the position and size of the bootlid badges, it's clear you've run out of options.

The Ford Scorpio. Need I say more?

Dodgy facelifts - SjB {P}
C5. Went from just plain unattractive to being beaten with the ugly stick.

Agree DP about MGR.
How to turn the nicely balanced Rover 200/25/ZS in to stodginess in one easy go.
The tailgate treatment is especially hideous.
Dodgy facelifts - tyro
The Berlingo facelift in late 2002.

IMHO it looked better before. Someone else apparently agreed,, because a salesman told us that one prospective customer cancelled his order when he saw what the new one was going to look like,

That said, the new version had better crash protection and a more practical interior.
Dodgy facelifts - madf
Anything designed by Bangle.
Dodgy facelifts - SjB {P}
Anything designed by Bangle.

You mean Bangle's Mangled Wagons? ;-)
Dodgy facelifts - Kingpin
Forgot about the MG Rover death throw relaunches - the 200 and 400 were OK at launch and quite tasteful, then rebadged as 25 and 45 with the last 2003 reshape of the saloon in particular terrible -the boot and numberplate being relocated in a sytle similar to a Saturday morning diy session with body filler which left it looking like the Daewoo Nexia saloon.
At least the Ital didn't try too hard to hide it's roots.
Dodgy facelifts - PhilW
Obviousy I have no taste whatsoever (and as I drive Cits I guess many would agree!!) but I think the C5 has gone from really ugly to not bad at all, I much prefer the facelifted Berlingo to the old one, and earlier in the week I posted that the Bangle BMWs had really grown on me ! I now think they look good after diliking them to start with!! Oh well, who cares - each to their own, at least I probably wouldn't fancy your wife, (or she me!!!!)
Dodgy facelifts - No FM2R
>>Anything designed by Bangle.

Does that include the current 5 Series ? 'Cos I quite like that.
Dodgy facelifts - Mad Maxy
I think that testimony to a good design is not having to change anything significantly during the car's life cycle. Examples: Golf Mk IV and previous BMW 5. Besides, no changes also suggest that the car is still selling well - which in turn suggests that punters still like the look of it.

I thought that Rover's attempts, during its dying years, of freshening up were pathetic. And of course Ford once had a reputation for adding red stripes, a bit of chrome and some new wheel trims every five minutes. Sometimes a quik rummage in the parts bin could spawn a new model variation.
Dodgy facelifts - v0n
Does that include the current 5 Series ? 'Cos I quite
like that.

The Dame Edna headlamps 5 series with whale shaped body and ever so slightly postlipo sagging panels? Really?
[Nissan 2.2 dCi are NOT Renault engines. Grrr...]
Dodgy facelifts - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
The worst within my memory must have been the 'federalisation' of the MGB, Midget etc. with the gruesome rubber bumpers and increased ride height.
Volvos of the same era- they just looked like battering rams...........
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Dodgy facelifts - L'escargot
The Megane needs a bumlift. It's the original that's dodgy.

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