Sat Nav directions - Happy Blue!
Just entered a trip from Manchester to Alloa in the Sat Nav.

My usual route, as per various websites, is M6, M74 then across the central belt on M8, A80 and over the Kincardine Bridge.

Subaru Sat Nav is weird. Avoids the M6, tells me to go to Barrow-in-Furness as a 'shortcut' (!) and then up A7 and through Edinburgh. I wonder if I have it set wrong?
Sat Nav directions - Wilco {P}
Is there an 'avoid motorways' option buried deep in a menu somewhere?
Sat Nav directions - Lud
Or a 'take scenic route' option?
Sat Nav directions - Citroënian {P}
Subaru...? You've set it for four wheel drive or low ratio... ;-)

Would think there's a setting somewhere for road type priority.
-- You know, it\'s not like changing toothpaste
Sat Nav directions - Aprilia
For some reason I have always found manufacturer-fit sat-nav to be inferior to the TomTom and Navigon aftermarket units.
I once had to drive Birmingham to Spalding in a 2006 Vectra with sat-nav. I took my TomTom Nav. v5 for comparison. The TomTom plotted a quicker route and was not only easier to read but had better positional accuracy. I followed the TomTom route but the Vauxhall system kept trying to take me back to its own route which would have involved a massive detour. I was astonished how poor the Vauxhall (Siemens?) system was. Also been unimpressed with BMW sat-nav used in Germany (again with my TomTom for direct comparison). Not only is TomTom (and Navigon MN5) better but also far cheaper to upgrade...
Sat Nav directions - Happy Blue!
Have to disagree Aprilia on mine. When I take a different route in the Subaru, it recalculates the new route quickly and quietly and without forcing me to go back to the original route. Very impressive.

The problem was I had removed motorways as a viable route option. Changed it just now and normal service is resumed.
Sat Nav directions - Ruperts Trooper
Manchester - Alloa

Surely it's a bit worrying to be directed via Barrow-In-Furness even with motorways excluded!
Sat Nav directions - nick
Espada, what version dvd do you have? Mine is version 1 2003, if you have a later one I'd love a copy in exchange for a donation to your favourite charity plus your costs. Subaru want £300 for the latest version, a bit steep I think.
Sat Nav directions - Happy Blue!
It's version 2004.

where are you
Sat Nav directions - nick
It's version 2004.
where are you

NE Lincs, near Louth.
Sat Nav directions - Aprilia
Subaru want £300 for the latest version, a bit steep
I think.

That's a truly obscene price for a DVD - you could buy a new TomTom system with 2006 maps for less than that.
Sat Nav directions - Pugugly {P}
Just done a TomTom on it (v.5.4) goes straight up the M6 to the M74 or somewhere like that, certainly doesn't deviate through the lakes. The settings on this one are for a lorry so that may make a different.

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