306 heater motor bearing - scfc_151
my 306 heater motor is making a funny high pitched noise during cold weather. I think its the motor bearing but i cant be sure. I just wondered how to access the motor so i could try lubricating the bearing,

Its a 2001 model and i took the cover from the passenger side footwell out (below the glovebox) to see if thers anything obvious but i dont want to dismantle anything before i know where it is

306 heater motor bearing - bell boy
autodata says between 10 and 20 minutes to remove the motor, so nip down halfords in the morning and see if there is an open pewgot book ;-)

wouldnt fancy doing a matrix though 4+ hours
306 heater motor bearing - Fullchat
Get your head under passenger footwell, remove the kick panel under glovebox. Bingo, if I recall there are 3 screws holding motor in situ.
306 heater motor bearing - blue_haddock
wouldnt fancy doing a matrix though 4+ hours


And the rest!

306 heater motor bearing - scfc_151
job done

removed the panel 4 screws and a bit of spray sorted it!

it did look a bit dry and touch wood it hasn't made a peep since. I left it plugged in a put it on full speed, i didnt realise how powerful it is....its like a harrier jet taking off!

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