Corsa (53 Reg) Radio Wiring - Swifty149
I have recently Purchased a "VRCD500-SDU" cd/mp3 Player for my vauxhall corsa 1.0L 2003. I started to fit it but have no wiring guide for the wires at the back of the old Radio "Blaupunkt Car 2003" (standard tape machine with corsa's of this type).
I Just wondered if anyone had a guide as to which wire is which or if nayone knew and would let me know.

Any reply would be great, thanks very much,
Corsa (53 Reg) Radio Wiring - Dynamic Dave
Shouldn't the ISO connectors just swap from one unit to the other?
Corsa (53 Reg) Radio Wiring - SpamCan61 {P}
Is the problem here that the original Corsa radio fitted into the usual Vaxhall 'cage' with the ISO connectors clipped into the back, whereas the new radio has the connetcors in a different position? If so you need to remove the cage and replace with the fixings for the new radio.

You may find the thread here useful:-

If not post back here, i'm sure we can sort it swifty
Corsa (53 Reg) Radio Wiring - Swifty149
thanks very much this solve's the problem sorry my question wasn't clear.cheers.

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