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Hi all.

I thought you might like to take a look at

I am not involved personally involved in the research - it is just some research that my employer (a University) is undertaking and is totally sound. There's a link to this from the University's home page too.

It would be great if someone from the Backroom won the 250 shandy tokens!

Happy answering.

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I have done this, a couple of comments:

Question 5 "Motorcyclists are allowed to 'filter' past stationary or slow moving traffic."

This is dependant on circumstances, i.e how many lanes, the proximity of a junction and whether one or more of the lanes of traffic are either stationary or moving.

Question 6 "It is difficult to estimate the speed of approaching motorcycles while waiting to turn at a junction onto a main carriageway."

I dont find it difficult though it is clear that some drivers do.

Question 38 "How often do you disregard the speed limits late at night or early in the morning?"

This is a matter of degree, 80 in a 70 is very different from 50 in a 30.

Driver Survey - L'escargot
I filled it in. I commented that the survey was biased because it put more emphasis on motorcycles than it did on cars.
Driver Survey - No FM2R
I commented that the survey contained or caused emotion.

e.g. how often do you DISREGARD speed limits. - Well, never because to disregard would be "bad". How often do I knowingly exceed the speed limit ? Quite a lot.

I felt that quite a lot of the questions already had a "correct" answer in mind. I also think that it was an unsophisticated survey in that it failed to take account of the fact that people do not always answer correctly, often giving what they believe is the correct answer so questiosn which "check and balance" are required.

Still, any research helps I guess, as long as false conclusions are not drawn and the "truth" of the answers is not exagerated.
Driver Survey - J Bonington Jagworth
Market Research (as Sir Humphrey could tell you) is almost always skewed, even if unintentionally. The Inland Revenue are currently conducting a survey of self-assessment 'customers' and the main problem I had with it was that the only three options for most of the questions were: 'easy', 'fairly easy' and 'not at all easy'. IMHO, there is a big gap between the last two, and most of my answers would have occupied that zone. The interview was somewhat longer than it might have been, and if I hear that the suicide rate among market researchers has jumped recently, I can only apologise...
Driver Survey - Hamsafar
They are psychologists, maybe they wanted to cause emotion? In fact, I thought the survey was also about attitudes rather than actions per se. I hope they don't assume that correlation is causation as seems to be a popularly held belief these days.
Driver Survey - Honestjohn
I filled this in too. I agree with No FM2R.

Driver Survey - madf
I filled it in. Many of my answers wrt motorbikes were no opinion cos I have never ridden one, don't care about them and don't know .

I'm afraid I had a little rant about new laws being introduced when existing laws are not enforced. (eg mobile phones) and the lack of traffic police.. I doubt it will make any difference but I've said it (bringing the law into disrepute I think)

I will enjoy my prize:-)
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don't care about them and don't know .

Go-on, fancy a pillion ?
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"don't care about them and don't know"

Which is why mine is now fitted with these.. :-)
Driver Survey - Pugugly {P}
The horn on the R1200GS is a puny thing - hardly in keeping with it's image or purpose, I might just get a pair of them !
Driver Survey - J Bonington Jagworth
"I might just get a pair of them!"

You should. MIne came from Halfords (cheaper than eBay+postage) in a 'Ring' package but made by Fiamm. There is also a slightly more expensive model called a 'Nautilus' which has the compressor and horns in one unit, but I quite like my red trumpets. I don't use them much, but they do work when there are *SMIDSY's about...

(*Sorry mate, I didn't see you)
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Do these have a compressor ? I had a pair fitted to a Superdream of yore, these hada comprssor hidden in the tail cubby. Not much space to stash it on the Beemer.
Driver Survey - J Bonington Jagworth
They do, although the Fiamm one is fairly compact, and fitted in place of the original horn (needs extra wiring, though, because it draws a lot more current).

If space is really tight, the Nautilus might be the answer:

Be careful with dB values - they are not all quoted for the same distance! IMO air horns are invariably louder than electric ones (although doubtless someone here will know of an exception...)
Driver Survey - Bagpuss
Leading the witness your honour!

I use questionaires quite frequently to collect statistics in my line of work. They are not easy to formulate well but very easy to formulate badly.

This one uses leading questions, emotionally formulated phrases and asks more than one question in a sentence. All are definite no-nos if the intention is to gather usable and non-biased information. Suggest the students responsible review it with their psychology professor.
Driver Survey - Westpig
sorry Madf i'm feelinfg lucky.........the 250 big ones are coming my way, i can feel it in my water
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I wish I hadn't answere dit. I can't recall doing that A to B but arriving at C thing until last night......(took a wrong turning to the Vet's)

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