poss fuel consumption problem - Westpig
can anyone tell me whether the following consumption figures are about right or should i get the car looked at under the warranty......... i want it to be right, but don't want to look a fool at the dealers

wife's car... X Type 2.0 diesel estate (i undertsand it to be the Mondeo 130 engine)

33-34 mpg on the trip computer around town....(rush hour stop start with a fair amount of completely stationary traffic, max 4 miles journey at a time)

38-39 mpg... on a very long motorway journey, that includes 120 miles of very good fast A roads at the end of it(driven quite hard, 4th gear selected when gaps appear on motorway with full acceleration, cruise control at well over the limit for the rest of it and constant overtakes on A road at max acceleration, car very heavily laden

47-50 if you fill it up, cruise quite gently in 5th at 40-50 mph but take it very carefully...(can never last very long doing that, drives me mad)

others have said it's not as economical as it should be........ i tend to think it's my divers boot driving on the long journey and the city traffic stuff is to be expected......... however, it's left a niggling doubt....... and you know what they're like.
poss fuel consumption problem - Bromptonaut
Knocking 40mpg under the middle scenario ina performance car is pretty good going on remarkable. Figures for our 1.9 Berlingo are about the same; speed knocks consumption for six.
poss fuel consumption problem - Big John
My Skoda Superb 1.9PD usually averages above 50 mpg - (Tank fill to tank fill), it drops a little on high speed European trips (48.5 on my last trip to Paris - very very heavily laden!).

If you did 47-50 and cruise gently in 5th without hills (yet again - drives you mad) it would get close to 60 mpg, infact after a slow 30-40mph 15 mile journey after filling up (i.e. no cold start) it got over 70!

I'm sure cruise control helps, won't buy a car without it from now on.

On a recent trip in a Jaguar X type Diesel I did notice the trip computer never went above 41mpg. I didn't like the seats either, its my fault , size matters!

Big John..
poss fuel consumption problem - cheddar
The 38-39 heavily laden does not sound to bad though otherwise it does not sound quite right, is it Euro III or Euro IV?. My Ghia X 130 (same engine) has never dropped below 40 even fully loaded with a roof box or mountain bikes on the roof. I average about 45 mpg on local stop / start journeys (same as my '93 Cav TD which had only 60% of the power and 50% of the torque). It will easily do well over 55 mpg at 70 mph in cruise on the m/way and 48 to 50 mpg cruising at 80 - 85 mph, this is all calculated, the trip comp is about 1.5 mpg optimistic.
poss fuel consumption problem - Red Baron
To me, the Jag fuel consumption sounds about right. I get broadly similar figures for my Mondeo TDCi that has the same engine. a tankful of short journeys will, in the winter, give just under 40mpg, whereas if I commute with it (30 miles in 35 mins), I get just over 50mpg.

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