Insurance - Arnold
Hi, I have just bought a new car. If I am the registered owner of the car, can I insure it under someone else's insurance policy as a named driver? Or do I have to get my own insurance?

Hope you can help me!

Insurance - horse
Do you mean the other person takes out a policy for the car, and includes you as a named driver on that policy - but without you having your own policy (just checking, I think thats exactly what you mean)

In which case, yes - but I think some insurance companies will only sell the policy over the phone after a discussion rather than by filling in the online form... Theres always a quesiton "Are you the registered keeper?" There might also be a premium hike for not being the RK, but I've never done it so don't know how much.
Insurance - DavidHM
You can do anything that the insurance company will let you do as long as you tell them about it.

However if you want to insure the car in someone else's name (e.g., to use their greater age/experience/no claims bonus) then this is only okay if:-

i. the insurance company knows it's not their car;
ii. the insurance company knows that they will not be the main driver (unless for some reason they will be).

Obviously this means they'll charge a different premium (probably higher of course) but then that's only reasonable, given that they assess risk and make their profit by charging just enough to cover that risk but not too much to see you go elsewhere.
Insurance - Arnold
Yeah that is what I mean. I think I'll just give a few different insurance companies a call and see if they allow it.

Thank you both for your responses and help!

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