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This is a medical / car question. Basically, I understand following car accidents people can get what is known as DVT- deep vein thrombosis.

Anyway, which sites would be able to give me advice about this in medical terms, in addition to protein c+s deficiency which my sister has. I would like information on this as she is thinking of taking a long driving trip, and I would appreciate any information or medical sites that might be able to steer me to clear information.

Many thanks
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With the priviso of course - See your GP
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Here is a good peer reviewed website for medical information Your sister's best source of information is either her GP or her haematology (haemophilia) consultant if she has one.
DVTs usually occur after stasis or if there is a hypercoagulable state as in protein S and C defieincy. As for DVTs post car accident then it depends on the accident. If a patient has an accident that leaves them immoblie in bed for a period of time then they are at risk yes. My advise would be that she talks to her consultant or GP as their advise will vary according to her past medical history and risk factors.
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