which hdi engine oil? - scfc_151
ive just bought a new 306 2.0 hdi and am going to service it this week. I wondered what engine oil is recommened. On my previous 1.9td i used castrol gtd magnatec

should i use fully synthetic oil with it being a more modern engine (2001) also is the oil filter any different? im planning on servicing every 6k

which hdi engine oil? - Ian D
Ring 'oilman' or ask him via e-mail their website www.opieoils.co.uk/ and you will get sound practical accurate advice...
which hdi engine oil? - Quinny100
The reccomended oil for these is Total Quartz 9000 5w-40 fully synthetic, but its reasonable at £16.50+VAT from GSF. The OE oil filters are Purflux - the HDi engines have a specific filter but they're only £3.45+VAT.

www.gsfcarparts.com - I'm not affiliated with them, other than as a satisfied customer but most of their stuff is supplied direct from the OE manufacturers at a fraction of the dealership prices.
which hdi engine oil? - machika
Checking in my C5 handbook, for the 2.0 HDI engine, if the car has no particle filter, you could also use Quartz Diesel 7000 10W-40.

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