Ford escort 1.8TD Died on me - Mr Shifter
Hi All

Just wondering if this problem has happened to anyone else. Driving up the A1 Sunday at about 70mph the engine suddenly died on me. All other electrics are fine but now the engine will not crank and the immobiliser light flashes on the dashboard when the key is turned. Now if it is the immobiliser can i bypass it , i assume it imobilises the fuel pump and starter solenoid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Ford escort 1.8TD Died on me - bell boy
while i dont understand the reason that it packed up at 70 what i can tell you is twice in 3 months i have had this problem with fords and both times its been the wires to the starter motor one was the low current one to the solenoid and the other time the link disintegrated beyween the solenoid and motor (it looks like an earth wire)
Both of these immobilise the system with your symptoms and flash the light ..
i have never had a failure with the pats immobilisor on fords and i have had one or two lets say

Check the starter therefore before you start hacking at the pump
Ford escort 1.8TD Died on me - Edward
It is a mechanical TD engine. If it has an imobilisor it will only affect it on starting. I think the only electrical thing to stop these diesels is the stop solenoid - worth checking. Also, is the cambelt ok?

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