Air con re-gas.....Wakefield. - Quinny
My neighbour and I have decided to have our air con systems re-gassed,and decided that if we book the 2 cars in together,we might get a small discount.

Does anyone know of a good engineer near to Wakefield?

Air con re-gas.....Wakefield. - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think you will only get a discount for having 2 cars done at once on a visiting service. No real reson to give you a discount for going to them, but you might be lucky!

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Air con re-gas.....Wakefield. - piston power
lucas bradford rd, batley/dewsbury they do it, if it is still there there was a lucas at the bottom of westgate near the merc dealer.
Air con re-gas.....Wakefield. - Quinny
The Lucas delaer in Batley is still there,but alas the one at Westgate End in Wakefield,ceased to exist many years ago.


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