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Hello. I have just bought a Renault 5 1.4 Campus 1993 for my daughter (23000 miles 1 owner drives like new). The automatic choke/ enrichment will not shut off and the tickover is about 2000revs plus . I understand that this was common on that model. Can anybody give me advice?.

PS Hello to everybody from Sunny Wales as I am new to the forum.
R5 Campus - Armitage Shanks {p}
With under 2000 miles a year I would have thought that what you are experiencing might be the start of ongoing problems resulting from low usage. Has it got a full service history and, regardless of the mileage covered, was it serviced every 12 months? That said, welcome to the forum! It is a treasure trove of advice, comment and information, of which my posting is not a very good example!
R5 Campus - royston007
Yep got all the stamps from a local Renault dealer, the lady who owned it really looked after it.
R5 Campus - Armitage Shanks {p}
That's excellent news. Why not drop it in to the dealer who has dealt with it for most of its life, if he is local to you? There is a supply of goodwill there, I'd guess, and it doesn't sound like an expensive fix. I hope it does well for your daughter.
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And while you are there, ask them to check if it has the latest available clutch cable mechanism. These things used to eat clutch cables.

Saying that. the wife loved hers and I thought it a real hoot to drive
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