Gap Insurance - MoodyGit
If I do a search on Google for providers of GAP insurance, none of the big name insurance companies appear.
Why's is that?
Gap Insurance - local yokel
Do you mean insurance to cover what the US call a gap, ie the drive it out of the showroom immediate drop in value?

Plenty of insurers listed on, but perhaps it's not a concept that we worry about so much in the UK.
Gap Insurance - MoodyGit
In the event of an accident and your car is written off,Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance pays out the difference between the car’s pre-accident value and your outstanding loan.

There's plenty of UK companys offering it but not the big insuance companys...

Gap Insurance - Happy Blue!
The trick is to buy a car which falls in value more slowly than the amount owning on it.....
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
Gap Insurance - David Horn
I paid for it. Didn't crash. Regret it now.
Gap Insurance - martint123
Most insurers give you new for old in the first year anyway in case of a writeoff.
Gap Insurance - PR {P}
I didn't get it, was involved in an incident, regretted it! I took it out on my current car, but didn't take the dealers inflated effort, shopped around and got my own.

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