Corsa stuttering !! - JohnG66
Wifes 97(P) Corsa seems to stutter (like your taking your foot on and off the accelerator) when you hit about 60mph, it also does'nt seem to be nippy through the gears. It had a service about a month ago, so the plugs are OK, and I changed the HT leads the other day as they were arking (Defo thought this was the problem)

Any thoughts..............

I've also put in a bottle of STP fuel/injector cleaner
Corsa stuttering !! - Dynamic Dave
EGR valve?
Corsa stuttering !! - ChicksFan
Ours plays up if we put Supermarket petrol in it. Only use Shell, Texaco, BP now. No more problems.

Won't use supermarket petrol in any of our cars anymore.

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