Mondeo Central Locking - carl233
A bit of a strange one this, but when using the central locking feature of a 1997 MK2 Mondeo it locks and then unlocks again within one second of locking. This happens if using the remote which is the radio wave type rather than infa red or the key it does not seem to make any change to the situation. When the locking is engaged you can see the internal handle go inwards is if it is locked but then it pops out again into the unlocked position. I have tried opening all doors and the boot and closing them and then trying again but the problem still occurs. Has anyone seen these symptoms before?
Mondeo Central Locking - Cicero
I had the same problem on my 1999 Mondeo, in my case it was the front n/s door which did not lock. I think the problem arises because one of the motors is "lazy". After the car is locked the computer immediately checks that all doors have locked, if any haven't it unlocks all of them. I traced mine to a poor connection in the offending door. Taking off the door covers and undoing and re-making the connector fixed the problem for me.

Mondeo Central Locking - carl233
Thanks Chris, it was the n/s door that was the problem. The connections in general on Mondeos do not seem that sturdy.
Mondeo Central Locking - Waino
It sounds as though my 97 Mondeo is now suffering from this same fault. Carl, could you tell me where your problem lay - was it a dodgy connection or the fault of the motor? And, was it a difficult job to fix it?

My remote packed up last year, but since then, I've just used the key for central locking in the usual way. Over the last couple of days, I've noticed that the car will lock OK when using the key in the passenger-side door lock, but in the driver's side, I get the locking then rapid unlocking phenomenon. However, if the passenger side door is already locked, then I can centrally lock all the others from the driver's side. Does this mean that the problem lies with the motor/connections in the passenger side door?

Thanks Waino
Mondeo Central Locking - Adam {P}
The same happened on my Focus and it turned out to be the driver's door catch. Ford replaced mine without telling me but apparently squirting WD40 into it in large amounts can do wonders.

Might not be the same problem but it can't hurt.
Mondeo Central Locking - carl233
In my case it was the fault of the connection to the motor, getting to it was not that difficult. I found that after the conenction was made good I had to open all the doors a number of times and then lock and unlock the car around 10 times for the problem to go away. If your motor connections are ok Waino, try the following:

Open all the doors and with them open try to lock the car using the remote key fob: if one motor is out of sink with the others it may bring it back into line. The best of luck.
Mondeo Central Locking - jc2
In most cases it's caused by lack of use of the passenger door lock.There was a service fix(for all vehicles) of a stronger spring to ensure that the lock returned to the "off" position.
Mondeo Central Locking - Waino
Thanks for the replies - I'll try a liberal squirt of WD40 before I start taking the doors to bits. Unfortunately, I learned this evening that the horrible noise that's started in the front wheel is caused by a failing o/s cv joint, so that will have to have trime/money spent on it first!

I'll let you know how I get on.
Mondeo Central Locking - Waino
Bingo! The liberal squirt of WD 40 into the n/s keyhole has (it appears) done the trick. The effect was by no means instantaneous - at first I thought my efforts were to no avail, but 3 days later, the central locking is working again. I suppose the best preventative measure would be to use the key in the n/s door a little more frequently.

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