2003 astra 2.0dti no power no turbo - Unusual Autos
Just got in a 2003/52 Astra 2.0Dti from met police
Starts and drive ok but there is no power from turbo and the car is flat to drive
We have changed the air mass meter to no avail
Told by vauxhalls it could be cat ?
Diagnostics plug is not connected ?any idea why?
The car has no lights on ie engine management
the engine runs ok but gets noisey when driven hard like the timing is out?
any help most grateful

2003 astra 2.0dti no power no turbo - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Have come across probs with blocked cats. Check first that there is good vacuum at the Turbo wastegate operating bellows. No end of problems in this area with split pipes and failed vac motors bleeding off the vac. Vac control solenoids have been known to fail but I have never had to change one. If you suspect blocked cat loosen off the downpipe flange and give it a try.
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