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What do you think is the px value for a sept 53 Corsa 1.7DTI SXI 3dr with 40k, with FSH, thinking about changing for a same spec Corsa 1.3CDTI 3dr, Has anybody got any view on this engine, yes I know that there are better cars to consider Fabia VRS is a may be but depends on discount that can be acheived, Can get a good discount on the vauxhall from a UK dealer family friend!.


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My mates got an 04-reg Corsavan with the CDTi engine. Does 60+mpg, but has been stranded by it when the gear linkage disintegrated. Nothing else has gone wrong over 40,000 miles and its a vast improvement over the older 1.7dti.
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Your car is worth roughly £4000
Value of Car - Dynamic Dave
Part-exchange Price:
Excellent condition: £4300

Average condition: £3900

Below average condition: £3460

Value of Car - DavidHM
If I were you, I'd keep it another year or two and then trade in - you've lost £4.5k or so now, but with 70 or 80k up at 3 - 4 years old you'll only lose another £1,500 at most and the car shouldn't really start becoming unreliable unless it is already.


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