406 fan problem - Benizioni
I have a 1996 1.9 td 406. Soon after the car is started the cooling fans will cut in along with the stop warning light, although the temp guage reads normal. I have replaced the bitron temp sensor and also replaced a corroded relay but still the problem remains. Upon checking the radiator I found it was hot only in a small section at the top left and cold elsewhere.Can Anybody help?????
406 fan problem - Martin1981

Could be a blocked radiator or sticking thermostat, in which case the coolant won't circulate fully around the system. Worth getting it checked.

406 fan problem - Reggie
Did you get your speedometer fixed?

406 fan problem - Benizioni
Yeah replaced the sender in the g/box and worked fine. Thanks for asking!!!!!!!
406 fan problem - Benizioni
THIS JUST GET STRANGER AND STRANGER! I have now noticed it happens without the engine running, on the last notch of the ignition, after two mins the fan relays will start to buzz followed by the fans kicking in until I turn key back. Please help!!!!!!
406 fan problem - Benizioni
(When cold)
406 fan problem - Mackay78
Assuming it's not air lock it could be -

On the thermostat housing theres 2 sensors. 1 with cable attached and 1 with 2 cables attached.

The sensor with 2 cable attached check its not loose etc. This sensor will make the fans run when the igniton is on or off. If it's loose of the sensor faulty the fans will come on with the ignition on and off until the battery is flat etc.

I had the same problem with a 406 2.1TD and this was the cure was to chang the sensor.

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