mondeo 2l auto idle - alan

I have new Mondeo and wonder if anyone else has the same query. The car is quite smooth idling in P or N but when stopped in gear the car vibrates. I also have a focus auto and it is smooth in both gears..any comments

Mondeo 2.0 auto idle vibes - David Lacey
The behaviour from the Mondeo sounds quite normal to me - the Focus, does it have a CVT gearbox?

Not sure myself, not being a Ford Fan!!

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Re: Mondeo 2.0 auto idle vibes - Honest John
The Focus has a Mazda 4-speed autobox.

Re: mondeo 2l auto idle - Mark (Brazil)
Idle speed at different levels ?

Exhaust leaning on bodywork somewhere ?
Re: mondeo 2l auto idle - RogerL
The vibration is caused because the engine is trying to drive the car through the torque converter but being held at rest by the brakes. Good modern auto boxes select neutral automatically when stationary with foot on brake, to avoid this. The Focus auto box may have this feature while the Mondeo auto box obviously hasn't.

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