mazda 323 year1985 1300cc - Lew
Can anyone tell me the torque settings for the rear wheel bearings of the above car, or the method for tighting them up. I have been trying to get a manuel for this car but up to now no luck.

Mazda 323 Hub bearing - David Lacey
Hmmmm not sure what type of rear hub bearing setup this car has.

I would imagine it to have taper roller bearings (most jap cars do)

Do not apply too much force to the hub nut.

Just tight enough to allow a small amount of tip in the bearing.

Please don't take my comments seriously, I am only presuming. I would hate it for you to leave something loose when it should be torqued to 150Nm!!


Re: Mazda 323 Hub bearing - David W
David is possibly right that this is a "nip it up by hand" bearing so you just take out the play.

The trade Autodata book doesn't give a torque figue for the whole of the early 323 range so this perhaps confirms the above.

The 323 4x4 is the only model to have a stated figure and this is something over 200Nm. All the larger models seem to either be about 120Nm or 220Nm.

Don't guess though, get a manual first. Haynes book 1608?

Re: Mazda 323 Hub bearing - steve paterson
how tight was the retaining nut when you took the bearings out?

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