Basic no-claims question - mfarrow
What do the percentages of no claims equate to in terms of number of claim years? For example, mine says 55% but I don't know how many years that is equivalent to.

Mike Farrow
Basic no-claims question - ihpj
Don't think it's quite fixed per company, but let me give you an example...

I have full NCB. In company 1 it entitles me to 65% off while in another 75% off. Now if you beleive the schpeel, if I were to ask for a quote, keeping everything exactly the same, but say if I ask for my NCB not to be applied to this vehcile (but another) so for all intents and purposes I will have NIL NCB. So Company 2 might quote £500. But if I were then to ask for my full NCB to be applied, then by rights my premium should be (with say Company 2) 75% off £500 = £125 - but is it? Like heck.

It's still £350 :P Why? Well it's their way of screwing you man IMHO ;)

Just ask your current company how many 'years' that equates to and keep a note :) Don't let them screw you!
Basic no-claims question - thallium81
It is a bit of a maze this no claims thing. Every time I renew my insurance It shows 4 years NCD but I have had (with the same company) 4 years NCD for the past eleven years. Recently when I changed my car I got some quotes from other insurers most of them would only allow me the 4 years. Luckily my old insurer still undercuts any others so I stick with them but it's a strange do.

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