Citoen BX suspension - Mel Woods
After feeling the suspension becoming lumpy on my 91 Bx diesel estate my local Citoen experts told me rear spheres were required and they carried out the work. The system has been quite unreliable since. Firstly the thing didn't rise at all and their response was that the new spheres had allowed full movement which must have caused other problems. They had it back and said they had freed all parts but now whilst the rear seems to be OK the front either is on high or on low and will not set itself to the normal level. They now say the only solution is to replace a part of the front suspension ( sorry but name escapes me) as this is sticking. This will cost another £100 or so. I had no problems with the rise and fall before they replaced the spheres but it has not worked properly since. Any of you Citroen buffs able to help ?.
Re: Citoen BX suspension - ladas are slow
when this happened to my mothers car (BX), we put it into the main dealer, to see what they say it is, also they looked at the car for free.
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The detail of this will get very boring to most visitors/readers so if you care to mail me off site with a little more detail/vehicle history I will sort this out for you.

David W
BX Section
Citroen Car Club
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thats not very fair is it, after all this is a motoring forum, and what if other people are having the same problems, they wont be able to see the results that you give. sorry about this, its just that i think all people should see this sort of question, not like the usual questions (speeding, fines, and bad councils)
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Rich L,

As I haven't noticed your login name before I assume you're newish here and wouldn't know the history behind this, as Stuart explains.

Given this is a Citroen/BX matter I would hate you to gain the impression that I was anything less than helpful to genuine Citroen enqiries. As the BX columnist for the CCC I spend a vast amount of time dealing with queries such as the one posted here, at present there are over 500 mails in my live Citroen file. Putting together the monthly column is something I do willingly for the BX cause but is very time consuming for an unpaid activity.

By the very nature of Interent Forums there is an element of people not being who they say they are, wind ups and spoofing. Blokes pretend to be innocent girls and get a massive response, others pose queries to problems where they know the answer just for the sport of running the "experts" about. Some folks post info they know to be wrong just to provoke an argument.

Now this is all a laugh when misc motoring matters are concerned but if you ask someone with sound technical advice in a particular area to give valuable information on a problem.......well allow them the right to make sure they are dealing with a genuine enquiry before putting their own time into helping the questioner.

You are right to mention the Boardhost BX forum, it has a good level of input from enthusiasts. The ironic thing is the virtual character of "ladas are whatever" who posts here wouldn't last five minutes on that forum. Anders, Alan S and many others would blow him out of the water for timewasting, misleading and offensive posts.


Re: Citoen BX suspension - Jud
I thought this site was about sharing imfo boring or not?
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Someone else tell him (LAS) please.

Re: Citoen BX suspension - Brill
OK LAS, perhaps Mel and David will give us a roundup with the result, without going through all the diagnostics on line if you're that interested.

Just ask nicely.

Re: Citroen BX's - Rich L
Hi Mel (and anyone else with Citroen BX problems)

Off top of my head, it sounds like the front height corrector - about £50-60 new. I've never actually fitted one myself so I cant tell you how hard it is to fix/replace.

But if you point your browser at - htp:// - you'll find a very good BX specialist forum, with some very knowledgable BX enthusiasts online, one of whom is bound to have done this before.]

Rich L
Re: Citroen BX's - Pete
Just had my daughter on the phone with a Xantia that would not pump up at the back - front OK. Drove it very carefully to a local friendly (non-franchise) garage, fixed, a service and delivered back for £120. Not London 'cos labour £20 an hour! Truly amazing! She was going to take up Dave W's kind offer of an e mail diagnosis (the one sneered at by Lada's are Cr*p) but in the end she didn't need to. Thanks for the offer David!
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i didnt sneer at DW, i just thought that other BX owners might like to know what the solution is. plus you say that labour costs are £20 per hour in london, i would love to know where, as most garages in london are over £60 per hour, and ladas are not cr*p, just slow.
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Look, LAS, DWs reply was going to be very technical and (because it's a BX), esoteric, and limited to the particular circumstances of one car. The number of interested people would be, er, one. When mine does the same thing, I'll ask David for advice, since he knows what he's on about. But it's unlikely that it will before it exits for the great LHM bar in the sky.

Re: Citroen BX's - Pete
LAS, assuming you can read (which I doubt) look at my earlier post again. I said clearly that it was NOT London, because labour rates were £20 an hour. You can't read, you can't be polite to people who give their time to this site out of kindness and goodwill. What purpose do you actually serve?
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i got an A in english. i bet you didnt even go to school.

(this reply is to plonker pete)
Re: Citroen BX's - Mark (Brazil)
ladas are slow wrote:
> i got an A in english. i bet you didnt even go to school.
> (this reply is to plonker pete)

Always begin a sentence with a capital letter; words such as "I" should always be upper case. Concatanated words require an apostrophe; Slang is inappropriate in written English; Never use parentheses in text, either write with more skill or use commas; Try to ensue that you have a relevant verb in each sentence.

What type of English did you get an A in ?
Well this is a freindly forum isnt it? - Rich L
As far as I can see, LAS was not sneering at David W's posting, but asking a fair and reasonable question.
The only 'unfreindly' posts here are those by Pete, although David W's "Someone else tell him (LAS) please." leaves a lot to be desired.

Pete, if you'd been around the internet for any length of time you'd have realised by now that typing ability isn't a true reflection of intelligence. I've met some very clever people who cant type to save their lives, and some very dumb people who's typing skills are excellent.


Rich L
3 times BX16v owner, and still sane.
Re: Well this is a friendly forum isnt it? - Stuart B
Rich L,

Taken in the isolation of this single thread you make a fair comment.

Taking a wider view and looking at the history of the interaction of these gentlemen in a more objective view I think your criticism, especially of David W's post, is extremely unfair. As for Pete having a pop @ Lada I don't know the history there but LAS did make a damn silly point and didn't read the post properly, however we've all been guilty of that some time, and quite a few of us have had words with LAS and had some fairly unpleasant stuff coming back. Quite frankly I ignore him now.

Actually this *is* a friendly forum in the main. Stop around and you will find out.

In this virtual pub, like any group, there are folks who don't say much but speak a lot of sense when they do speak, some who talk all the time with varying degrees of sense, and others who talk in a way that, if they did that in a real pub, they would have been smacked by now. Plus, there are all the combinations and variations in between you could possibly think of; with sometimes very opposing views being expressed and at various levels of heat in the debate.

There has been a distinct change in the way quite a few regulars contribute these days. I believe that one of the main reasons for this has been the way that certain contributors where one might choose to "stand at the other end of the bar," or even in some cases go through into the lounge from the tap room, pop up in other guises. Sometimes these subsidiary aliases are quite well disguised, sometimes less so, but in the main the purpose is to have a pop at someone or get a bite. After folks have been sucked in once then they tend to contribute just to others they know can trust and the forum suffers as a result.

Suggest you keep reading and you will find out that I am not speaking with forked tongue on this one.

B rgds,

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